Rice Exfoliator


  • Oryza Sativa Seed Powder

To thoroughly cleanse and exfoliate your skin without irritating it, a natural scrub with rice is a good bet. This powder is very stable and adapted to any formulation type (cream, gel, paste, powder, soap bars). A natural rice scrub can smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, treat uneven skin tone and blemishes, control excess oil secretion and help brighten your skin. It can help improve acne and lighten skin. phytic acid — that has exfoliating effects. Rice exfoliant is a bit coarse in its texture which makes it an excellent material to be used as a scrub. The fine particles help the flaky dead skin cells leave your skin in an easier way.

  1. 200/500 μm

  1. Excellent cleanser
  2. Natural exfoliator
  3. Lifts off dead skin cells
  4. Reduces tan
  5. Natural bleaching agent
  6. Reduces puffiness of eyes
  7. Skin tightening
  8. Prevents early skin aging
  9. Promotes skin radiance
  10. Reduces pigmentation

  1. Skin Care
  2. Body Care

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