Almond Exfoliator


  • Prunus
  • Amygdalus
  • Seed Powder

Almond Exfoliator is a non-genetically modified ingredient that’s made from finely ground almonds. It’s rich in vitamin E and D, nourishes, nurtures while exfoliating and preventing ingrown hair. Almond Exfoliator is a popular addition to exfoliating skincare products because they loosen and remove dead cells when massaged onto the skin in a gentle, circular motion.

  1. Skin energizer
  2. Moisture skin
  3. Deep cleanse skin
  4. Lifts dead skin cells
  5. Gives youthful skin
  6. Promotes skin radiance
  7. Reduces pigmentation
  8. Removes blackheads
  9. Promotes Skin tightening
  10. Improves skin elasticity

  1. Skin Care
  2. Body Care

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