Red Lentil Exfoliator


  • Lens Esculenta Seeds

Red Lentil Exfoliator is made from pulses that are loaded with vital nutrients. Our Organic Red Lentil is a natural exfoliator that reduces tan. There is an abundance of antioxidants, amino acids, proteins & vitamins. Any damage to cells or tissues is slowed down. It cleanses the open pores thoroughly and removes the accumulated dirt and impurities deep inside the skin layers.

  1. 200/500/1000 μm

  1. Excellent cleanser
  2. Natural exfoliator
  3. Lifts of dead skin cells
  4. Skin tightening
  5. Reduces puffy eyes
  6. Natural bleaching agent
  7. Reduces tan
  8. Prevents early skin aging
  9. Promotes skin radiance
  10. Reduces pigmentation
  11. Gives youthful skin

  1. Skin Care
  2. Body Care

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