Hemp Seed Oil


  • Cannabis Sativa (Hemp) Seed Oil

Hemp Seed Oil is obtained from the plant Cannabis Sativa. Cannabis, commonly known as Bhanga, is one of the sacred plants in our Vedas. Fatty acids in hemp seed oil may help balance the skin and prevent inflammation resulting in acne. It can strengthen skins and resist any infection. Clogging pores are eliminated from dry skin and lock hydration.Free from THC & CBD,tested by NABL Laboratory

  1. Calms inflammation
  2. Effective against eczema, dermatitis,urticaria
  3. Non comedogenic
  4. Non tacky feel
  5. Moisturizer/Emollient
  6. Lightens scars & marks
  7. Skin rejuvenation
  8. Skin protection
  9. Skin hydrator

  1. Skin Care
  2. Hair Care
  3. Body Care

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